Drew Boylhart December 2007
Beau Bell   LB   UNLV

Beau Bell is the best pure MLB in this draft.  He has excellent size, strength and speed along with great lateral agility.  He is a meet, greet and shed type of LB that will stuff the running back in the hole faster than the running back can call his agent.  Beau has the athletic talent and instincts to defend in passing situations as well as he does in the running game.  He is an every down LB that will not have to come off the field.  This kid can play any of the LB positions in any kind of defense.  I call him Beau (Ding A Ling) Bell because when he tackles you, all you hear for the next few minutes is, ďDing a Ling, Ding a LingĒ.

The biggest problem Beau has to deal with is that UNLV is not on the TV in the East that much.  ESPN has not interviewed him or talked about him or even knows about him. I guess one question you have to ask is:  Coming from UNLV, does Beau do cold?  Only Beau knows!  

Nobody knows about Beau Bell right now, but this kid is a quality player.  Like I said, he is a pure MLB that can play any of the LB positions in any style of defense.  I guess if he is invited to the Senior Bowl, you will start to hear about his talents and then, surprise!  There will be an amazing move up the charts.  For me, personally, Beau has first round talent all the way.  The question for me is whether or not to list him in my personal top ten.  I would like to see him play in the Senior Bowl to answer that question, which I think will happen.  Iím sure the scouts are all over this kid.  Iím also sure he will be asked to play in the Senior Bowl where he will be talked about and noticed big time.  Beau looks to me like he is very smart and has leadership qualities he uses to lead by example.  I personally do not have a problem with this; however, some teams will use this as an excuse to drop this kid in the draft to perhaps even a second round draft status.  In my opinion, this will be a big mistake.  Every team should be looking to draft Beau early in this draft.  He is the type of kid you build your defense around and he will become more vocal the longer he is with a team.  He shows respect for his teammates and coaching staff and the love of the fans.  Last year, I put a first round talent grade on David Harris (LB Michigan).  No one listened to me and as soon as the Jets got David on the field this year, their defense showed significant improvement - especially against the run.  Beau reminds me a lot of Lofa Tatupu (LB Seattle Seahawks).  Beau is bigger, but just as quick and fast.  Ding a Ling, Ding a Ling - I hope that wakes everybody up and they start to notice this kid sometime before the draft!