Drew Boylhart December 2007
Ben Moffitt   LB   South Florida

Ben is an excellent LB who has the size, speed and skills to play all three LB positions.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler who shows excellent leadership skills.  Ben makes the players around him better.  He demonstrates a very good burst to the ball and understands how to use angles.  Ben shows clarity in situational football as well as the instincts and intelligence at the LB position to be a coach on the field.  He has the potential to be a Pro Bowl LB for the team that drafts him along with being a core player and fan favorite.  I call him Ben (The Bear) Moffitt because once he gets the scent of what the offense is doing, he is all over it like a bear on honey.


Ben might not improve his quickness and techniques in pass coverage.  Most LBs coming out of college needs to improve in this area.  However, all of that is just nit picking because the kid has the athletic ability, intelligence and work ethic to improve in all phases of his game.

Right now, Ben is flying under most team’s radars, but I suspect by the time we get to the draft, Ben will be listed as a top LB in this draft.  He is just a quality kid and has almost as much athletic talent as AJ Hawk when he was drafted.  When Ben starts to work out for the scouts and GM’s is when he will move up in this draft.  I think he has a chance to be listed as a top 15 pick in this draft.  For me personally, I would not hesitate to list this kid in my personal top ten.  Size, speed, character, leadership skills, good tackling techniques, the ability to make the players around him better…all of these traits are what you look for in a football player when profiling them for the next level.  Ben has them all.  I dare anyone to tell me differently.  The key for Ben will be his workout numbers.  These numbers will dictate what round he will be drafted in.  But no matter what his workout numbers actualize to be, this kid is a hell of a LB.  The team that drafts him is going to get one of the best in this draft no matter the round in which he’s taken.  Remember it’s not all about athletic talent, it’s how well you play the game and in this draft, Ben is one of the better ones.  Like I said before, I call him Ben (the Bear) Moffitt because once he gets the scent….. he’s like a bear ripping into a hive of honey!