Drew Boylhart April 2008

BenJarvus Green-Ellis   Mississippi   RB   



Ben is a powerful RB with good size and bulk who runs through the tackles with excellent technique and power.  He shows great quickness and lateral agility; when running a sweep, he uses the techniques that good backs use to set up blocks for his offensive linemen.  Ben is a natural talent and runs with very good vision in the hole.  He runs like he's on a mission and it is hard to deny this kid the yardage that he is looking for every time he carries the ball.  Ben could be considered one of the better backs in this draft, but because of his natural talent, he has not worked hard on the other parts of his game.  If he had, he would be considered one of the better backs in this draft.       



Ben can catch a cold better than he can catch a ball out of the backfield.  He doesn't know how to read defenses and does not know who to block or what to do when a blitz is coming right at him.  If he shows no potential to improve in these areas, then in spite of all his natural talent, he will not be on an NFL roster for very long.     



I don't know what to do with a kid like Ben!  Why he hasn't learned the other responsibilities of his position is a mystery to me.  Do you take a chance and draft him or pick him up after the draft in the rookie free agency?  I think in a draft like this, you will see Ben drop far and if he is not drafted, I think I would try really hard to bring him onto my roster.  He has such natural RB talent, but for some reason, he has not bothered to learn and work on the other skills needed for him to succeed at the next level.  You have to put the blame on him.  You can blame coaches or changing schools or anything else, but the truth is it all comes back to Ben himself.  He is the one that has to realize that he should have learned more about his position.  He is the one that should have wanted to be a better back than his talent has made him right now.  A true player with great talent wants to be better than his talent.  He will work harder than anybody else identifying his weaknesses and making himself better.  BenJarvus has excellent natural talent to play the game of football.  What I see right now is a kid that is not concerned with being the best that he can be and improving on his weaknesses.  I see a kid who is just concerned with being good enough!   The best thing that Ben could say to me in a face to face interview would be this  "I have screwed up and lost a chance to be a better back than I am right now.  If you draft me, I will do everything I can to make myself a better player than I am right now".   No excuses, no stories about situations he got into, no garbage about the coaches or teammates or why he didn't get playing time or the coach had favorites...just, "I screwed up and I will do everything to make myself a better player than I am right now."  If Ben gets into the right situation and works hard and improves on his weaknesses, he could turn into a hell of a RB.  It will be all up to him and not anybody else.  Something tells me this kid is ready to make a change in his life, so for me personally, I would take a chance on him.  If he is there in the latter rounds, I just might draft him.  I know I would look at him after the draft. The natural RB talent is just too much to pass up.