Drew Boylhart March 2008

Brad Cottam   TE   Tennessee



Brad is a size-speed ratio type of player that makes everybody salivate with his potential. He has the size to be an excellent blocker and the the speed to defeat the two deep zone and open up the long pass to the outside for the WR's.  Brad looks to be the prototypical TE and with a little experience and repetitions, you never know, maybe he is!  He looks like he has good hands to catch the ball and that, along with his size-speed ratio, is making people take notice and pushing him up in this draft.



Brad is not very strong, he cannot block, he gets injured a lot and for the purpose of this draft, he is not close to being ready to play in the NFL; however, he can run forty yards really fast and is big -- that's all anybody seems to notice right now.



I guess everybody noticed what a good workout Brad had at the combine.  The problem is that workouts mean nothing because right now, Brad is not a very good TE.  Brad's play on the field was never even close to those workout numbers at all.  The truth is, with that workout and his size, you would think that Brad would be considered the first TE off the board in this draft!  But, he will not be and if a team picks him in the first three rounds because of that workout, then all I have to say is the hell with playing the game at all.  Let's just all go to the combine and workout and get drafted from our workout numbers.  Why should it matter that Brad is a terrible run blocker with very little leverage, poor strength and inferior techniques?  Why should it matter that every time he takes a hit, he shies away from taking a second hit?  After all, Brad can run fast and he's big...that's all that really matters - right?  In my opinion, Brad is a free agent at best.  I would be glad to bring him to camp as a free agent rookie and see if he can last the training camp without getting injured, but that's about it.  Oh, and by the way, when Brad did play for his college team, he was never an important part of the offensive scheme in spite of all his amazing work out numbers.