Drew Boylhart March 2008

Brandon Flowers   CB   Virginia Tech



Brandon is a very strong, powerful CB who likes to be physical and does not shy away from contact.  He has good overall speed  and is solid in both zone and man to man coverage.  Brandon looks for the big play and loves to make the impact play.  He has great quickness and uses excellent techniques.  All Brandon has to do is calm down a little and use those techniques to his advantage.  I suspect that Brandon could be a hell of a special teams player for the team that drafts him also.     



Brandon is vertically challenged and is trying to prove to himself and others that this is not an issue when evaluating how well he will play the CB position at the next level.  In trying to prove this, Brandon takes too many chances, takes too many false steps, tries too hard to make the big play, tries to out-guess the QB rather than out-think the QB and, in general, is too anxious.



Brandon might be a better fit as a Bob Sanders type of safety than a CB for the next level.  He is a ball hawk, intimidator and loves to hit.  With the play in front of him, the only mistake I see him making is being fooled by play action.  If he can learn not bite on the play action like he bites on the stop and go, this kid might wind up being a very good nickel-dime DB.  If he can stay away from injuries, then he could start at the safety position and impact.  I like this kid's game, but someone has to calm him down and tell him that not every play has to be an impact play to be a good play.  He reminds me a lot of Nathan Vasher (CB Bears), but Nathan trusted his techniques more than Brandon does right now.  Brandon has good bulk and I think he can handle the hitting at the safety position, but he has to wrap up when he tackles or he will become a tweener.  Not good enough to be a CB or a safety, but good enough to stay on a roster as a special teams player and a situational player.  This kid has excellent talent; however, it's overshadowed by a lack of trust in his own talent.  He has to let the game come to him.  He tries too hard to make something happen when all he has to do is play his position.  It's just a matter of him being drafted by the right team with the right coaches that will give him the time to mature.