Drew Boylhart April 2008

Breno Giacomini   OT   Louisville    



Breno might be the most pure athletic offensive lineman in this draft.  He has been moved around from position to position so much by his team that a con artist could not even steal his identity.  He shows excellent athletic talent and is so big and tall that when you look at him, you have to think he is too big to get into a three point stance, but that is just not true.  This kid is still learning when it comes to football techniques, but you can just see the talent that he projects all over the field on every single down.  As soon as he gains confidence and gets bigger, you are going to see this kid's leadership skills coming of age also.    



I'm not going to blow smoke up your hindquarters.  This kid has much to learn and a new body to build that he might have to hire his own construction company to help him out.  He is young, both in age and maturity, so he will need a strong influence to get him through making more money than he has ever seen in his life and not having that affect him in a negative way; this is a big concern.     



Breno has the athletic talent to be the best OT in this draft class, but I have many questions about his mental strength, work ethic and maturity.  I don't care about him giving the finger to the crowds because he was upset about getting booed.  I am concerned about him caring more about what his teammates think of him than doing his job to the best of his abilities.  I know he has been moved around a lot, but his techniques are sloppy and not consistent.  He knows the correct techniques and I know it is hard to be consistent, but Breno gives up too easily once a player gets by him.  An athlete with this much talent should stand out no matter what position he plays on the field --   especially if he plays the all-important left tackle position on a team that has a big time QB.  No one but me has even suggested that this kid has a future if he can exhibit maturity, get stronger and have the desire to be one of the best OT's in this draft.   All I can say is the interview for this kid would mean everything to me.  I need to know that he really wants to turn the corner.  I want to see him take some responsibility for not improving enough to be considered a 1st or 2nd round grade.  If I heard those things in an interview with this kid, then I would take a chance and draft him earlier than I have him rated.  If I drafted this kid early and he did not live up to his own goals, I would wait until he was asleep a drop a big freaking window on him.  You have to wait for him to be asleep because he is too big and athletic to deal with when he is awake.  I hope this kid makes it because if he does, the team that drafts him is going to find themselves a hell of a LT or RT for the next ten years.