Drew Boylhart November 2007

Brian Brohm   QB   Louisville



Brian has good size and good arm strength to deliver the ball and make all the throws at the next level.  He has velocity on his deep ball and also has accurate touch when delivering the short and intermediate passes.  Brian is a drop-back pocket QB whose overall skills translate very well to the next level.  He shows quick footwork and mechanics when he is not under duress.  He looks like he is a coachable player who listens to instruction and shows some potential leadership skills. 



Brians biggest problem is that he does not show poise in the pocket.  When he is up against a good pass rush, he changes his arm speed when delivering the ball and his footwork is all screwed up.  All of this affects his accuracy, which is a very bad thing for a QB who wants to go to the next level and start. 



There is some potential for Brian to start in the NFL; however, in my opinion, this is way down the road.  Brian has a big problem right now handling a college pass rush, so just imagine his abilities to handle an NFL pass rush!  The lack of pocket presence has been a continuing problem for Brian all throughout his college career.  It is the big reason he will struggle at the next level.  The best offensive fit for Brian is a team that uses a lot of play action off a strong running game.  When Brian has time and throws in rhythm, he looks like the real deal.  The problem with that is things are not perfect on a football field.  There are a lot of different QBs with the same skill level as Brian that have played in the NFL over the years like Kerry Collins, Jake Plummer, Drew Bledsoe just to name a few.  All of those QBs became somewhat successful and all of them have very good stats and have played in big games.  Brian could turn into this type of QB with the right coach and in the right system, but for me, that is too many ifs.  Right now, Brian is being considered by most people as a first round pick.  If Brian is picked early in the first round or any place in the first round, it will be a big mistake.  There will be too much pressure to throw him on the field before he is ready.  Brian will impress the hell out of you in the pre season games, but if he is not allowed to sit and learn the speed of the next level, then he will fail.  If he is picked in a later round and can sit for a few years, then he could turn into a pretty good QB because he does have some good skills.  Poise in the pocket for Brian will take time to learn.  It will come with experience, confidence and football maturity.  Brian will need time to acquire all of these before he can become the quality QB his skills suggest that he can become.