Drew Boylhart April 2008

Bryan Kehl   LB   BYU   



Bryan has excellent all around athletic talent to play more than one LB position for the team that drafts him.  He is a very good tackler with speed and quickness as well as intelligence.  Bryan has the leadership abilities to make the players around him better.  He does a good job defending against the run and is an excellent coverage LB.  This class of LB's is as strong as I have ever seen and Bryan, in my opinion, rates right up there with any of the bigger name LB's.  He should become a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.    



Bryan needs to get stronger in his upper and lower body.  He also needs to learn better shed techniques to defend against the run.  I have no doubt that he will accomplish this.  As he does, he will be able to help out on special teams and third down coverage.       



This kid might be one of the most underrated LB's in this class because of his versatility and intelligence.  He needs to get stronger and I feel because of his intelligence, Bryan has been not been actively developing his athletic talents.  I think he can get bigger, stronger and faster.  Bryan has a quick LTI ratio because, not only does the kid have the smarts to be versatile, but he understands how to play with other players and meld his talents to their strengths and weakness.  He is a team player who does not feel the need to make all the plays on the field or be the focal point of a defense and yet, once the game starts, he always winds up filling the need of the defense as the game progresses.  That's why he is always around the ball.  He did the very same thing in the Shrine game this year.  It's a learned reaction that he cannot help using,  which makes him a very valuable player -- but not a very noticeable player.  You notice Bryan in the fourth quarter of a game and when other players start to sing his praises after the game.  However, it's hard for the fans to see what he does because he is not a flashy player.  He reminds me of Carl Banks (former LB Giants).  Carl was an excellent Strong side LB who did exactly what Bryan does when he is on the field.  He analyzed the weakness of his own team's defense during a game and then took it upon himself to fill that need and make the defense stronger for that game.  I feel that Bryan's impact position for the next level will be as a strong side LB for the team that drafts him.  In this draft, Bryan could be picked in a number of different rounds because he is a sleeper.  Remember, a sleeper to me is a player in a big program that is playing alongside another player who all the scouts are watching.  Usually the sleeper has as good or better potential to impact than the star player, but just does not get the recognition that the star player is receiving because he might not have the out of the box athletic talent of the star player.  But, that does not mean that the sleeper won't be as good or better than the star player because it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.   I call him Bryan (Stealth) Kehl because he plays under the radar until you need him and when you need him, he will uncover and impact which is when his talent will be felt.