Drew Boylhart February 2008
Calais Campbell   DE   Miami
Calais is a tall DE with unusually athletic talent.  He has a good burst off the line of scrimmage and is very quick.  Calais has those long legs that can cover ground very fast.  It is very hard for an OT to move laterally quickly enough to handle Calais once he gets a jump off the line.   He looks to be a valued teammate and does a solid job playing his responsibilities.  Calais has the athletic talent, size and the potential to be the best DE in this draft.  But it takes more than athletic talent, size and potential to play at the next level.   
Calais needs to improve in all phases of his game.  He did not improve at all this year; in fact, he went backwards.  Calais lacks the heart to match his enormous talent.  He is also not a strong tackler.  He is a very big disappointment in the way he played this year.  I know he will time out well in his workouts, but the truth is that he does not play to his talent. 
Calais did not play very well this year and did not show any leadership in even trying to play well this year.   He is very immature and picking him in the first round and thinking you are going to get his best effort on the field on a consistent basis is the same as thinking you can walk down a dark alley alone in New York City in the middle of the night and not get mugged.  Now, it’s true that you might not get mugged, but what do you think the odds are?  I’m going to guess those odds are the same for Calais showing up and doing his job every game.  The real question is why should Calais show any effort?  He hasn’t shown any effort this year in college and he is about to be rewarded for it by being drafted and making millions of dollars!  Calais has made some good plays and as a sophomore, showed excellent potential but then something happened.  I don’t know what happened, but whatever it was, it was not for the best.  So if you draft Calais, you draft him with a “buyer beware” note attached to his forehead.  Don’t come crying to me when he only shows up for two years of a five year contract.  Consider this a warning.