Drew Boylhart February 2008
Caleb Campbell   S   Army
Caleb is one of the best kept secrets in this draft.  He has excellent size and athletic abilities to play more than one position at the next level.  He has good speed and quickness; he shows enough cover skills to handle TEís as well as RBís out of the backfield.  He is a very strong tackler in space and is big and physical enough to run through blocks and blitz the QB.  Caleb plays with heart and passion and has the work ethic to get better than he is right now.  He is a smart player and shows good leadership skills. 
Iím not sure how fast or quick Caleb is.  Those questions will have to be answered in his workouts.  I do know that every time I see him play, the kid is making plays and leading his team no matter the score.  He never quits.  Caleb has had a knee injury; Iím not sure if it has affected his speed, but I can tell you this much, it doesnít look like it to me on film.  Thatís a sign of mental toughness and work ethic. 
I would rate Caleb higher if I was sure of his speed and quickness.  If the Army is ready to make a deal on this kid and let him play, a team would be crazy not to draft this kid as high as I have suggested.  He is only going to get better once he can concentrate totally on football and not have to worry about his grades.  That is a no- brainer.  Like I said, Caleb has the athletic ability to play more than one position, but I feel that he will impact as a weak side OLB.  In this position, you can use him all over the field as a pass rusher, in coverage or in the box.  Iím not sure right now how strong he will be at the point of attack, but if heís not strong right now, he will be.  Itís just a matter of bulking up a bit and learning better leverage techniques that he did not have to learn as a safety.  In the future, with a little more bulk and experience, I believe that Caleb will be able to play any one of the LB positions in any kind of defense.  That will take a little time because he is a good safety and he needs to add about 30lbs to be a true inside LB and Iím not sure his frame can handle that weight and keep his speed.  Caleb is a fast learner and it will be well worth the wait if he can add the needed bulk for the inside LB positions.  This is a quality kid with solid athletic talent; if his speed and quickness is up to the pro standards and the Army is ready to deal, then this kid will become one of the steals of this draft.