Drew Boylhart February 2008
Carl Nicks   OT   Nebraska
Carl has excellent athletic talent and can play any one of the offensive line positions if he is motivated to do so.  He moves his feet very well and plays with great balance.  He is a bull in the run game, but the surprising thing is that he uses a lot of finesse when pass blocking and has excellent lateral agility.  Carl is one big ass dude with those long arms the scouts fall in love with when they are looking for offensive tackles to play at the next level.  Carl could be as good as Chris Samuels (LT Washington Redskins) if he wants to be.  It is all up to Carl.   
Right now, Carl is overweight and inconsistent.  He could play LT at the next level and make a whole lot of money if he wants to, but for now, you have to project him as a RT because of his inconsistency.  If Carl loses some weight and develops some mental and physical stamina, he could be a solid LT.  
This kid is really athletic and has excellent talent, but he just doesn’t work hard enough.  I’m just not convinced he has the true passion it takes to play consistently at the NFL level.  Oh, he wants the money, but I’m not sure he cares about the game itself or how well he plays it.  If Carl gets a hard coach like a Parcells or Belichick, he could turn into a damn good offensive lineman.  The truth is I’m not sure Carl really wants to be a LT at the next level.  I think that he just wants to be “one of the guys” and does not want the responsibility of blocking the blind side of a QB.  Some guys are like that.  They would rather play a position where they can get help if they’re having trouble handling their opponent.  Carl strikes me as the type of person who has that type of personality.  Carl will most likely be picked in a later round than his talent suggests because, as I always say, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  I think he will settle into the RT position for some team and become a solid player for the next few years. However, believe me when I tell you -- if Carl gets motivated and loses some weight, some team just might get lucky and discover a Pro Bowl LT lurking on the right side of its line just waiting to be asked to move over to the left side.