Drew Boylhart January 2008
Chad Henne   QB   Michigan

Chad has the size, body type and arm strength to be an excellent drop-back QB for the NFL.  He is a very accurate QB that can make all the throws with perfect touch and velocity.  This year, Chad discovered how to deal with pressure in the pocket and work with his fellow teammates.  He has shown that he can throw on the move with accuracy and that he is not just a one-system QB.  He has improved his leadership skills this year.  I think the two main factors in improvement were a shoulder injury and the loss to Appalachian St in the first game of the season.  Adversity made Chad realize how much he loves to play and his struggle to get back on the field as quickly as possible has drawn him closer to his teammates.  It has made him realize that there is no I in team.

Chad needs to continue the dramatic improvement that he has shown this year in his leadership skills, footwork and decision-making in the pocket.  By the time the combine is over and done with, I think Chad might be challenging Matt Ryan for the top QB in this draft. 

I wasnt a big Chad Henne fan until this year.  This kid matured on the field in leaps and bounds and has surprised me in his improvement as much as Dennis Dixon has.  I mentioned in one of the QB profiles that Ryan, Booty, Flynn and Dixon all have 1st round talent, in my opinion.  Well, now I have to add Henne to this mix.  In fact, it would not surprise me after the Senior Bowl and workouts that Chad moves up on many teams boards to be their top QB pick in this draft.  He has a stronger arm than Ryan and has more bulk and muscle to take the pounding at the next level.  If I had to profile Chad last year I would have suggested a 3rd or a 4th round grade.  That grade would mainly have been based on his lack of leadership skills, poor decision-making in the pocket and the fact that he could not take pressure in his face.  This year he has grown tremendously in all three of those weaknesses.  I can tell you right now, for me the decision between drafting Chad and Matt Ryan would be very difficult.  I think I would lean towards Matt because he did more with less talent and Chad had a ton of talent around him; however, the truth is that you are supposed to have a ton of talent around you!  Would Matt had been a whole lot better if he had more talent?   I dont think so.  The injury factor might be the big difference, but there again, they both got injured!   I think I would go with Matt because at this point, his talent and leadership skills are more stable -- do I want stable or explosive?  Maybe Im wrong, maybe it should be Booty!  The fact is that any one of these three: Ryan, Henne or Booty could be the first QB taken in this draft.  It would not surprise me at all.  I think they all have excellent talent.  Add to that in the later part of the 1st round, Flynn and Dixon and damn, this is a good QB draft.  Of course thats if teams need QBs in the first round.  If not, all I can say is, Look out second round!