Drew Boylhart February 2008
Charles Godfrey   CB   Iowa
Charles has the big size and speed that is needed now at the CB position to handle those big WRís in the red zone.  This kid has good speed, but what I like the most about this kid are his leadership skills and the fact that he is a fearless tackler.  Charles has a lot of skills to work with and it looks to me like he has not scratched his potential yet.  He does a solid job in zone defense and with his tackling skills, I just know he could play Safety at the next level as well as CB.  He is another player that everytime I saw him play, he improved.  Charles is going to get better and become a Pro Bowl player at either the Safety or CB positionÖI guarantee it! 
There are many position skills that Charles needs to improve on before he can become a complete DB.  He struggles with techniques, quickness and overall recognition. It looks like he just thinks too much on the field right now, which slows down his reaction time and makes him look like he is not that quick.  Charles has the athletic abilities and talents to play both DB positions, but he just has to get more repetitions at just one position.  Charles just needs time and repetitions to get better and I have no doubts that he will.   
I would tell any team in this draft to pick this kid and when you do, donít think for a minute that you made a mistake.  You will have to be patient and will go through some growing pains, but in the end it will be worth it.  Charles is a bit of a sleeper in this draft.  Although I suspect when he works out at the combine that if he shows the lateral agility and burst to play the CB position, a few teams are going to place him with a first round grade.  I know he has the speed, cover skills and tackling ability to play in a single Free Safety defensive system.  When you see him play CB, you see most of his mistakes are not from lack of athletic talent.  He is a smart player, a team player and a leader.  Add that to his passion and work ethic and that adds up to a kid that will get better the more repetitions and experience he gets.  Itís just that simple.  Iím giving him a second round talent grade only because his LTI is out there a bit and Iím just not sure what position at the next level fits him.  But make no mistake, this kid has 1st round athletic talent.  If his workouts go well, he just might sneak into the first round because of his size, speed and the need for big CBís that will make it impossible to overlook him.  If he gets picked a little high, donít worry about it.  If he gets picked later in the draft, your team just picked themselves a hell of a player and a sleeper.  Charles is the type of player that could go in a number of different rounds because some teams will see him playing CB and others at Safety and still others will not be sure what position to play him at and will downgrade him for that reason.  I donít rate players like that.  Remember, for me, itís all about H.E.A.R.T. and not always about position.  If a kid has the attributes, he will force himself onto the field at his natural position.  Itís just a matter of being patient and letting it happen.