Drew Boylhart February 2008

Chevis Jackson   CB   LSU



Chevis is a big CB with decent speed and solid tackling abilities, but his biggest strengths are his intelligence and leadership ability.  He is like a coach on the field and although his athletic talent is a bit limited, his ability to impact and become a core player and a fan favorite is not to be questioned.  Chevis is the type of player that steps up in the big games because there is a calmness to his game that is based on intelligence and experience.  He learns and adjusts as the game goes on.  Chevis is a perfect fit for a two deep zone coverage scheme with help over the top.  He should also be a perfect fit for a zone match-up scheme.  This is a quality DB that any team in the NFL should be very happy to draft.



Chevis is not going to improve to be much more than he is right now as far as athletic talent is concerned.  But he will improve with experience he gets playing against the same teams and understanding the way teams will attack him.  He is limited athletically and in spite of that should still become a core player for the team that drafts him.  



Chevis is the type of player that could be drafted anywhere from the 2nd round on.  Some teams like the Jets and Patriots are going to love his football intelligence; others who are looking for more athletic CB's are going to rate him lower.  A team with a hell of a pass rush like the Giants should look at Chevis because he could help at the CB and FS positions the day after you draft him.  Chevis is a zone style DB, but he does have excellent bump and run abilities because he is strong.  Inside the red zone, he will be able to handle those tall receivers one on one.  The thing about Chevis is that his talent might be 3rd round talent, but his football intelligence is 1st round all the way and he can impact for you as a situational player right away because of that.