Drew Boylhart March 2008

Chilo Rachal   OG   USC



Chilo might be the most talented Offensive Guard with the best techniques in this draft.  He has good athleticism to play guard at the next level and looks to be an excellent teammate.  Chilo has quick feet and has all the skills and techniques to be a great pass blocker at the next level.  He has good enough foot speed and balance to be used in a pull-trap run blocking system and should be able to play either guard position in a few years.  Chilo is a smart player and will easily digest the play book and transfer it to his play on the field.  He is a technically sound offensive lineman.    



Chilo has to increase his upper and lower body strength.  He's had injuries and most of it is all because of his lack of true playing strength.  He loses leverage when run blocking because of a lack of strength.  When he gets beat, it is usually late in the game when he is tired.  Right now, because of his lack of strength, he is a below average run blocker.     



It very simple:  as soon as Chilo builds up his overall upper and lower body strength, he should become a hell of an offensive lineman for the team that drafts him.  He will always be a better pass blocker than a run blocker because that's what he likes to do.  Those teams that run a spread offense or a WCO should be all over this kid.  I'm sure those nagging injuries will be a thing of the past once this kid gets bigger and stronger.  For the first year or two, you can use him as your back up to both guard positions and then I suspect in his 2nd or 3rd year that he will become the starter at the left or right guard position.  Chilo should be an excellent offensive lineman for the team that drafts him...just give him some time.