Drew Boylhart December 2007
Chris Ellis   DE   Virginia Tech

Chris has the size, speed and athleticism to be a pretty good player at the next level. He does a good job rushing the passer and when he gives the effort, he is very difficult to stop.  When he gets off the ball and into the backfield quickly, he can cause all sorts of havoc.  Chris looks the part of a big time pass rusher and if he is drafted by the right team and has the right coach, he could turn into the type of player who is a situational pass rusher that can impact right away.

Once you get your hands on Chris, he is easy to neutralize.  He also has good speed, but I donít feel he has shown me a consistent burst off the line of scrimmage.  Chris does a very bad job at the point of attack, which makes him a liability as a defensive lineman or a linebacker.  He also does not show any lateral agility to be used as a LB in pass defense.  Right now, Chris takes a lot of false steps because he is either thinking too much or does not really know his assignment.  What I see is a talented kid who has not improved from year to year.

Letís see, a talented kid who does not improve from year to year, does not do well when defending against the run, lacks effort on every play, does not finish his pass rush if hands are laid on himÖdid I leave anything out? Iím not going to bother to do a search on him for character issues -- I will let you do that yourself.  He is a kid that if he starts to take the game of football seriously, he could be a solid player.  But for me personally, Iím not going to spend money on a kid that might show up after he signs a big contract or will show up for his contract year only.  Chris strikes me as that type of player!  He has played better this year than he did last year, but he still has not improved his play.  He just played better.  He doesnít want any part of defending at the point of attack, which is an attitude issue and not a talent issue.  This kid could be a situational pass rusher, but Iím not sure he has the quickness like Mark Anderson (DE Chicago Bears).  I guess we will find that out at the combine providing he works out.  Something tells me he wonít.