Drew Boylhart December 2007
Chris Williams   OT   Vanderbilt

Chris has excellent size and athletic ability to play the offensive line at the next level.  He does a good job when pass blocking and is quick enough to eventually be a great run blocker.  He does a solid job using his hands when pass blocking and he keeps his feet moving until the play is over.  Chris has the potential and the athletic talent to be a pro bowl offensive lineman for the team that drafts him.  He shows decent lateral agility and mental strength, along with a good work ethic to improve.  The scouts call this upside and Chris has it!

Chris needs to improve in all phases of his game.  He does everything right now on athletic ability.  His techniques are poor, which causes him to lunge when he gets beat.  He must get stronger and fire out better.  Iím sure that all of this will come in time.  Chris has very good potential to be successful with time and experience.

Chris will play someplace on the left side of an offensive line.  Right now, I feel he should start out as a left guard and then see if he can eventually play the Left Tackle position.  There are a lot of little things wrong with Chrisís game, but the talent and the need to get better is obvious on film.  Chris does not fire out in the running game, but I personally feel that is because he does not want to make a mistake or a penalty.  He will get over this when he gains more confidence.  He is quick enough to block for the running game and again it looks to me like it is just a technique situation and not an athletic situation.  Chris needs to get a whole lot stronger than he is right now, which might be the biggest problem for him coming into this draft.  Iím not talking about lifting weights or any of that garbage; Iím talking about overall body strength.  He must get stronger in his legs and arms and, of course, learn to play with better leverage.  That being said, most offensive linemen coming out of college need to improve in these areas.  I call him Chris (Baby) Williams out of respect for the level of his potential to be a pro bowl offensive lineman for the team that drafts him.  He is just at the baby stage of his development.  This is a kid that could sneak into the first round before it is all said and done.