Drew Boylhart November 2007

Colt Brennan   QB   Hawaii



Colt has a good arm and seems to be very accurate.  He can make all the throws and does a good job managing the game plan and executing.  He looks like he shows some decent leadership skills and strikes me as the type of kid that loves to play football.  Colt is in a shotgun spread offense that is notorious for over-rating stats for its QB - but I do have to admit that Colt does have the talent to develop into a starting QB at the next level. 



Where do I start?  First off, Colt lacks the bulk to take the pounding at the next level and his body type looks like he could struggle to add bulk to help him take the pounding.  He is always in the shotgun and putting him under center and looking at how a three-step drop and five-step drop is going to affect his accuracy is a concern.  He has been with three other colleges before he finally landed at Hawaii.  He was arrested and is on probation.  He has had other significant problems in the past.  The last two years he has been on probation and there have not been any problems to my knowledge.  Recently, Colt is coming off a concussion.



If I owned a team, there is nothing Colt could do to change my mind and make me draft this kid.  He has some talent; but as I always say, ďit takes more than talent to play at the next levelĒ.  Colt has the talent to be a back up and maybe a starter sometime down the road, but I would never allow Colt to be the face of my $800 million dollar franchise.  Colt will make an excellent Arena League QB and I bet he could be a star in that league right away.  He could also be a good CFL QB.  Iím just not convinced that he could be any more than a starter in the NFL and Iím certainly not convinced that under the pressure of starting for an NFL team that Colt might have a total meltdown in the big games.  Down the road, if Colt shows he can stay clean, that he can handle the pressure on and off the field and that he can win in the NFL, I might take a look at him in free agency.  However, the truth is Iím not going to use my franchise money to rehabilitate the kid.  I would let someone else do it for me.  I know Iím being cruel, but the fact is that Colt brought this type of reaction on himself.  The best team for Colt to go to in my opinion would be the Indianapolis Colts.  I donít mean that as a joke, Iím damn serious.  He could learn slowly behind Peyton Manning as a third string QB.  He would learn how to handle the pressure on and off the field from one of the best QBís and with an organization that is strong and could support him.  I think Colt could handle the Coltsí no-huddle offense system because he looks like he is a smart kid and like I said he loves to play the game.  If Colt is drafted by the Colts in the later rounds or added as a free agent after the draft, I would have to admit that he could be a hell of a QB in about four or five years because of the type of offense the Colts play and the overall strong organization.  For me personally, I would have to take him off my board and only look at him as a free agent.