Drew Boylhart April 2008

Corey Lynch   S   Appalachian St   



Corey has good size, speed, instincts and intelligence to play his position at the next level.  He is a head-up, wrap up squeeze and drive tackler.  He has excellent leadership skills and is the type of player that if you get injured and Corey is your replacement, it will be very hard for you to get back on to the field.  Corey has those intangibles that make him so very valuable to his teammates, coaches and the fans.  Corey also is an excellent special teams player and will impact right away on special teams.  This kid was not invited to the combine and I can't understand how that could happen, but it did.    



Corey needs to get stronger and bigger and his lateral agility needs to improve along with his quickness, but all of this is achievable.  If Corey has the work ethic that I believe I see on film, none of these issues are big concerns.  This kid is a football player and he should be one of the better ones from this draft.     



I went to the film of this team to look at Dexter Jackson WR and a few other players and all I saw was this kid making plays all over the place.  He even looked like he was playing with an injury at one point, so I did a search and sure enough, this kid knows how to play hurt.   I really don't know why teams are not talking more about this kid and why he wasn't invited to the combine.  As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the better all around safeties in this draft.  It will take time for him to get bigger and stronger, but in the meantime, he will impact on special teams and help in nickel/dime situations.  He is a bit of a systems safety and I believe he will impact in a two deep zone system, but with his tackling abilities and intelligence, I would not hesitate to use him up in the box near the line of scrimmage.  Right now, he is more of a zone safety, but he does have some man-to-man skills and because of his instincts, he will jump all over a QB who is not prepared.   You have to love this kid's intelligence and ability to lead on the field.  He is the type of kid that you can build your DB defense around and for that matter, use him to make sure everybody is in place.  That's why I think using him up close to the line will be an impact position for him.  He is an excellent special teams player so that alone is worth him being a late round draft pick.  I'm not sure where Corey will be picked in this draft because he was not invited to the combine and it is hard for a player who has not been invited to the combine to be picked earlier than the third round, but it has happened.  Corey just might make it into the third round and if your team drafts him and he is listed on the value board as a much later pick, all I can say to you is: trust me.  I'm one of the only ones out here watching film and I'm telling you it is not a mistake.  Your team just drafted the QB of its defense for the next ten years.  By that I mean you just drafted a tackling dynamo who is smart enough to go up against an offensive coordinator and not blink.  This kid is a hell of a football player and in a year or two you will see that for yourselves.