Drew Boylhart February 2008
Cory Boyd   RB   South Carolina 
Cory is a powerful, one-cut runner who reminds me on and off the field of Cory Dillon (former RB New England Patriots).  He has excellent natural leg strength and is an instinctive blocker.  Along with having good hands for passes out of the backfield, he has just enough wiggle and burst to make him a very dangerous threat to collect chunks of yardage once he is beyond the line of scrimmage.  Cory is a load to bring down in the open field and understands how to keep the chains moving.  He is an instinctive runner who runs with power and quickness. 
Did a search on Cory because I wanted to know why no one was talking about him.   I found out that he got suspended from the team for off field issues that no one seems to know anything about, but knew enough about to suspend him!  Cory doesn’t have breakaway speed and looks like he would be a fit as a systems RB.  I’ll be honest with you…guys like this depress me. 
This kid is very talented, but there are just too many RB’s in this draft to bother drafting him in my opinion.  The truth is that you can draft a RB in any round in this draft.  In fact, you can even get one later on after the draft in the rookie free agency pool.  So, even with all his talent, my suggestion is to pass on him and let someone else deal with this nonsense and baggage.  It’s not worth the problems.  Maybe Cory will be drafted and turn out to be an excellent player.  I hope that happens and I wish him well, but if I owned a team, I just wouldn’t “wish him well and hope he turns out alright” with any of my money -- not even in free agency.