Drew Boylhart April 2008

Craig Stevens   TE/H-Back   California   



Craig is a good football player.  He does an excellent job blocking in both the running game and passing game.  He is smart and shows leadership skills by his play on the field.  Craig has solid hands and when he concentrates, he shows his overall talent to be a complete pass catching option in the red zone and to keep the chains moving for the team that drafts him.  Craig loves to block, and when you have a player who is a TE that loves to block, you draft him because in this day and age that is becoming a lost art.    



I'm not sure that Craig will be the in-line blocker in the NFL he was in college.  That means he will have to become more of a H-back than a true TE.  I'm also not sure that Craig is not going to be an excellent in-line blocker at the next level either.  My advice, draft the kid and don't worry about it and COACH BETTER.  Craig will have to work on running quicker and better routes, but I have no fear that he will be able to do it.  The kid loves to block!  How can you not need that on your team?       



Craig has some hidden talents that at the college level were never developed.  He can catch the ball and although he might not burn down the field right now, as soon as he gets with a good coach and learns better techniques, he is going to be able to be one of the better all around TE's/H-backs from this draft class.  It will take some time, but I believe that inside that blocking machine is a well rounded player just dying to get out.  He will be excellent in the red zone catching the ball and also will do a great job moving the chains on third down catching that ball also.  Add to that his already outstanding blocking skills and you can see where I'm going with this, but it will take some time because nobody has asked Craig to do anything more than block until now.  When Craig gets to the NFL, the first thing you are going to hear from the team that drafts him is, "We didn't know that Craig could catch the ball as good as he can."  The reason for that is that the only film you saw of this kid was how good a blocker he is.  But, you see, I watch the whole game.  I don't watch the edited coach's film of a player.  I see him bailing his QB out on short passes and fighting for the ball when it is just thrown up in the air to him.  Yes, I have seen him drop some passes also, but most of the time, it's because he wants to run before he catches it.  This kid is a sleeper in this draft, but it will take time for him to developed his route running.  In the meantime, he can help on special teams, blocking and catching the ball in the red zone.  He will become a QB's friend really fast if he can learn how to get loose around the end zone.  He has the quickness, the brains and the hands so it's just a matter of work ethic and time.  There's no doubt in my mind that along with his blocking skills, he will become a core player for the team that drafts him.