Drew Boylhart April 2008

Curtis Lofton   LB   Oklahoma



Curtis might be the best all around LB in this draft.  He is just as impactful by stuffing the run as he is in coverage defending against the passing game.  He is a very good tackler and will meet anyone in the hole and stuff them.  Curtis is a pure LB that could play all three positions.  He has played on the strong side most of his career, but I also have him on film this year playing in the middle and the kid does not miss a beat.  He is smart and shows excellent instincts and reactions and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  I'm calling him Curtis (The Hammer) Lofton because he really knows how to put the hammer down when he goes to tackle.



Curtis just needs to find a position and not move around.  He is a smart kid with a bright future at the next level.  His change of direction skills and speed need a little work, but Curtis compensates for it with excellent instincts and understanding situational football.



If some team drafted Curtis as the first LB off the board in this draft, it would not surprise me in the least.  It might surprise a lot of other people, but because I watch film, it would not surprise me.  He is one of the best all around LB's in this draft.  He does an excellent job against the run and the pass and knows how to shed blocks to make a tackle.  He is just a quality LB but, in this draft, there are a lot of quality LB's, which is why he could get lost in the shuffle so to speak.   He has very good speed and quickness, but there are other LB's who are quicker and faster.  The catch is that there is nobody as far along as Curtis in all the techniques that will be needed at the next level to make an immediate impact.  This kid is an excellent tackler who likes to intimidate.  I think his best strengths are his natural instincts and quick anticipation.  Curtis is a natural and will be a pro bowl player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.