Drew Boylhart February 2008
Darius Reynaud   WR   West Virginia
Darius is a strong, powerful WR with excellent hands, speed and quickness.  He is one of the best blocking WRís in this draft and that shows me that he is a good teammate.  Darius is a dangerous WR because of his after the catch talents.  His lateral agility and vision is as good as the best RBís coming out in this draft.  Darius could be used in multiple positions.  He could be used as a RB, a Slot Receiver or a WR and also in the return game on special teams.  He has excellent bulk and reminds me a little of Laveranues Coles, the same toughness, but with a lot more bulk and natural strength.  Darius has the talents to be used like Reggie Bush of the Saints was used in an offensive system before Deuce McAllister got hurt. 
Darius needs to work harder and learn to run his routes better than he does now.  I know it was hard to keep to a route with the style of offensive system that WV had; however, Darius never improved in his route running.  This leads me to believe that maybe there is a work ethic issue along with some football maturity issues.  On the other hand, if this kid was concentrating more on his studies than route running, then thatís all right with me.  That means there is still room for him to improve talent wise and that he has an excellent work ethic.  My gut suggests that the latter is true, but you be the judge.   
I have never seen a WR that sells the stop and go route better than this kid.  This route alone could make this kid a star.  If you are a long legged CB, you are in for one tough game if you have to defend Darius all day long by yourself.  Even if you can stay with his quickness, in most cases when you go to tackle him, you will be off balance and he will break the tackle.  Darius will take a little time to learn how to run routes in the NFL and to run them consistently, but in spite of this, Darius has the talent to be a #1 WR and the temperament to be a #2 WR.  I have this feeling that whatever you ask Darius to do, he will do because he is a team player first.  In this draft, because there are so many tall WRís, I feel Darius is getting lost in the shuffle.  The truth is this kid really knows how to play and he also knows how to adapt his talents to any style of offense system.  Iím going to suggest to you that Darius will have the same type of a career that Hines Ward (WR Pittsburgh Steelers) has had for his team over the years.  Darius is not as tall, but he is quicker and faster and as good a blocker.  Darius has that same ďteam firstĒ attitude that has made Hines so important and successful to his team.  If I am correct about this kidís character not being an issue then some team is going to get themselves one hell of a football player with multiple talents who thinks of his team first. His LTI will be affected because he still has a lot to learn, but I would not worry about that at all.  As we get closer to this draft, keep looking at Robís value board to see what round this kid is projected to go in this draft and pray your team drafts him the round ahead.  Trust me, there is a team out there that feels the same way I do about this kid and you donít want your team to miss being able to draft him.  He has excellent talent that just needs to be developed.  I call him Darius (The Dangerous) Reynaud because when he gets the ball, he is dangerous from anywhere on the field.