Drew Boylhart March 2008

DeJuan Morgan   S   North Carolina St   



DeJuan has very good size, strength and speed to play his position.  He has solid quickness and is a strong tackler who likes to intimidate players.  DeJuan has good instincts and as long as the play is in front of him, shows an excellent burst to the ball.  He likes to bait the QB into interceptions and loves to make the play on a RB coming out of the backfield on swing passes.  DeJuan has a lot of potential to be an excellent Safety for the team that drafts him if that talent can be harnessed and shown some direction.    



DeJuan likes to make the big play and seems to abandon his assignments at times to make them.  He has that rover mentality and if a team uses a rover system, he could be a very valuable player to them.  The problem is that until he learns to stay with his assignment the pro's will take big time advantage of him.     



This kid has big time athletic potential, but his head and emotions have to catch up to that talent and potential.  DeJuan just has to settle down and become more of a leader and let others around him make some plays.  He has to learn that he does not need to do it all himself.  A little more team play and less "me" play.  On the other hand, it is a fine line between being a me player and a team player.  In every team player, there is a me player, but it is usually under control.  As soon as DeJuan learns to become more of a leader and learns not to abandon his assignment for the sake of a possible big play, he will become the player his talents suggest that he can become.  Until then, QB's and offensive coordinators are going to take full advantage of his aggressiveness to make the big play.  They will be all over him like a numerator is on a denominator.