Drew Boylhart December 2007
Dennis Dixon   QB   Oregon


Dennis has a strong arm and can make all the throws with good velocity and touch to be very successful at the next level.  He is athletic and moves his feet well in the pocket to keep a play alive.  Of course, we all know how well he can run in the open field, but this year Dennis has improved dramatically his ability to make plays from the pocket, read defenses and improve his throwing accuracy in and out of the pocket.  I have never seen a QB improve his accuracy in one year as much as Dennis has this year from last year.  It leads me to believe that he is very coachable, understands his weaknesses and strengths and is a hard worker who will continue to improve.  The ability to make plays from the pocket and intelligence is the difference between Dennis and players like Vince Young and other ďrun out of the pocketĒ college QBís.  Dennis Dixon reminds me of Randall Cunningham -- without the ego.

Dennis will have to find a way to bulk up to take the pounding at the next level.  Iím not sure he has the body type to be able to do that.  He has to continue to make plays from the pocket and read defenses faster and quicker and, of course, get rid of the ball quicker.  You can say this about every QB coming out.  The big issue will be injuries for Dennis. (Update:  Since the time I wrote this profile originally, Dennis received a knee injury.  In some peopleís minds, it could affect his draft status.  Not for me, personally.  As long as there are no complications I do not feel that this is a problem.)

I consider Dennis as talented and as athletic as JP Losman (QB Buffalo Bills) when he came out.  JP was taken in the first round of the draft, but the big difference between JP and Dennis is that Dennis has a much better head on his shoulders than Losman had on draft day.  The big problem for Dennis will be his ability to take the pounding at the next level and stay on the field.  This will be the make or break issue for Dennis.  The knee injury he has right now will heal and should not be a problem, but you do have to worry about his slight frame and the ability to stay on the field at the next level and not have a chronic injury problem.  He realizes how much he needs to continue to improve so that is not an issue.  He has the arm, the intelligence, the leadership, the overall athletic abilities and the ability to be coached into improvement.  All that is really left is his size.  He has that type of body that will never really have a lot of bulk, but he also has the athleticism to keep himself from taking full hits when he is tackled.  Like I said, he reminds me a lot of Randall Cunningham and Randall never had any really big problems staying healthy at the next level.  I like Dennis and the way he plays and if I were a playoff team with an aging QB, I would draft Dennis in the first round and not look back.  I think the kid is going to improve very quickly at the next level and donít all QBís have to stay healthy to reach their potential?  I call him Dennis (The Menace) Dixon because he will be a menace to all the defensive personnel and schemes he will compete against (plus, it rhymes!).