Drew Boylhart February 2008
Derrick Harvey   DE   Florida
Derrick is a pass rushing demon.  He has good size and speed and shows excellent quickness and anticipation of the line of scrimmage.  He is very smart kid and understands situational football.   He loves to rush the passer and get up field as fast as he can to make a tackle behind the line of scrimmage.  Derrick is an impact pass rusher for the next level and should be able to have a hell of a career just rushing the passer.  Unfortunately, that’s not all there is to playing football at the next level. 
Derrick is not interested in holding the point of attack against the run.  He has the talent and the strength and the intelligence, but it seems to me that in “Derrick’s World”, tackling a running back is not going to get you any big-time money.  It’s a sad thing to say, but I have to agree with him.  The NFL in general talks a big game about stopping the run, but they do not pay a run stuffer as much as they pay a pass rusher.  It’s just that simple! 
Derrick is no dummy.  He is not going to beat his body up making tackles when the NFL will pay him more to make sacks.  Some kids are too smart for their own good.  But this type of kid is motivated by attention and money.  The problem is that when they get to the big stage, everybody knows why they are there and then you can plan for their entrance and nullify their impact.  I see it happen all the time.   I see players with double digit sack numbers in big games not producing because they can’t stop the run at all.  If you run right at them, then they have to stay at home to defend the run.  If they don’t stay at home to defend the run, their opponent is making big running plays through that player’s gap and putting points on the board and taking time off the clock.  Of course if the team that Derrick is on is ahead and the other team forgets about the run and just starts passing the ball, then Derrick will become one of the stars of the game.  So what do you do?  What you see is what you get with Derrick.  He is a pure pass rusher who will struggle if he starts, but will be a hell of a situational player.  The problem is that the NFL pays more for pass rushers than they do for run stuffers and they rate them higher in a draft.  The NFL coaches feel that they can teach and demand that Derrick be better against the run, but they can’t teach him to be a better pass rusher.  In this case, I just think that Derrick is smarter than those coaches.  He knows that when push comes to shove and he is negotiating a new contract, sacks will be the issue that pays him the most -- not tackles.  So if you draft Derrick, do not expect him to improve his abilities to tackle a running back unless it is behind the line of scrimmage.  You see Derrick knows that “sacks” and “tackles for losses” equal a big pay day.   So, as long as you understand that, go ahead and pick him in any round you want to.  For me personally, to give a player first round money, he has to want to be good in all phases of the game.