Drew Boylhart February 2008
DeSean Jackson   WR   California
DeSean is very quick and really fast.  He has good hands to catch the ball down the field and can break the big play at anytime as a WR or as a special teams return specialist.  DeSean has the potential to be as good as Marvin Harrison (WR Colts).  He has that type of ability and talent.  He will give special team coaches, kickers and punters nightmares the week before they have to go up against this kid.  He has Devin Hester special teams potential and Marvin Harrison WR potential.
First things first:  DeSean will not be going over the middle to catch a ball and donít bother to ask him to do it.  Itís not going to happen. Then again, does he really need to do that?  DeSean will have to learn how to use his speed, beat the bump and run and get stronger to take the pounding at the next level.  He has a bad habit of peeking on the deep ball in zone coverage when he sees a safety coming across the field to take his head off.  He is also a lousy blocker. Oh, he can block when he wants to, but itís a problem getting him to want to. 
DeSean does not like to get hit and will only run the routes he thinks he should run.  The other routes he loafs on.  However, he can score at any time from any place on the field, which is what may mislead everybody into thinking that DeSean could be a big time WR.  For me personally, that is not enough.  I know DeSean will have an excellent rookie year, but as his career goes on, he will disappear unless he decides to become a complete WR.  Iím not sure that is going to happen once this kid gets 1st round money.  Of course, Iíve been wrong before and maybe Iím wrong now, but for me, there are way too many WRís in this draft to screw around with a boom or bust pick because of his athletic talent.  Remember, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and because DeSean does not like to get hit, I feel that just because he can score from any place on the field does not mean that he will.  Look for this kid to peak in his rookie year with a few home run balls and reverses and then to have his reputation from that one year carry him through his first contract.  He should be an excellent fantasy league player.  The good thing about him is that when he is on the field, most teams will have to double cover him because he can score from anywhere on the field and you would be a fool not to.  Let this kid get a free release on the snap and youíre in for big trouble.  Let this kid go into motion and get a free release and youíre in big trouble.  But if you hit this kid hard once or twice real hard and knock the snot out of him, he is in for a long day of peeking and dropping balls all over the place.  Match him up with a solid possession WR and who knows what his career will be?  DeSean is the type of draft pick who is a curse and a gift.  Youíre damned if you draft him and damned if you donít!