Drew Boylhart February 2008
Devin Thomas   WR   Michigan ST
Devin has good size and speed to play his position.  He looks to be a smart player and his natural talents are a great fit as a zone WR.  He is a hard worker and understands situational football.  Devin can be used in multiple positions as a slot receiver as well as a wide receiver.  He has good hands and shows strong “run after the catch” ability.  He is the type of player in the right offensive system that could become one of the more valuable players on his team. 
Devin needs to keep working in all phases of his game.  He is not very quick in and out of his breaks and right now, is better running routes that have him stop his feet to catch the ball.  Fly routes and deep routes across the middle he struggles with catching the ball consistently.  His strength is running curl patterns, short outs and deep outs.  He peeks going across the middle and loses concentration.  Any route that allows him to slow the route down after his cut is the type of route that Devin excels at running. 
Devin reminds me a lot of Andre Reed (former WR Buffalo Bills).  Andre loved to run those under the coverage crossing routes against LB’s because he knew he could out run them and not have to worry about getting hit just as the ball was thrown to him.  When he ran the deeper crossing routes, he struggled with consistency because he peeked.  I don’t blame him!  But, that is a fact.  Devin will excel in an offensive system that uses underneath crossing routes and against most zone coverage teams.  But, in my book, that makes him a systems WR and it is very hard to rate a systems WR as a potential #1 WR.  As I said, in the right system, Devin could easily become the top WR on his team.  However, for the purposes of this draft, systems players will always take a back seat to players who I feel will be successful in any style of offensive or defensive systems.  Devin looks like he is a hard worker, but I don’t think he will ever be free of peeking when he goes over the middle.  The fact is that he should have a solid career being a #2 WR as long as he learns to block better and run all of his routes with the same consistency.