Drew Boylhart April 2008

Dexter Jackson   WR   Appalachian St   



Dexter has that speed and quickness that you look for in a player of his stature.  He is the type of player that does not have to touch the ball that much in a game to impact.  Dexter is a match-up nightmare and should also be able to impact right away on special teams.  He looks to be a good teammate and if this kid can learn to use his speed at the next level, he should become a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.    



Dexter has a long way to go before he becomes an impact WR.  Right now, he is just a better athlete than the players he is up against.  He needs to get better and work harder on his route running and hands.  The one thing that will make or break this kid is his ability to catch the deep ball.  Right now, he does a lousy job adjusting to the ball in the air and seeing the deep pass.  I wonder if his eyes need to be checked and he does not know it?   



Dexter has to catch the deep pass or he will not last long in the NFL.  It's just that simple.  He struggles big time with his consistency in all his pass routes, but I worry the most about the deep routes.  He does not seem to have a feel for the ball when it is in the air.  He struggles to adjust and he "body catches" the ball.  I'm thinking he needs to have his eyes checked because it looks to me like his depth perception is off and he is double clutching the ball a lot.  Dexter also has to learn to run his routes much better than he runs them now.  That old saying about how you can't teach speed is true; but, you do have to teach players how to use that speed.  Dexter will have to be taught how to use his speed and quickness.  Right now, he just goes and nobody can catch him, but in this draft alone there are plenty of players who are as fast, if not faster, than Dexter so for the next level his quickness is his real weapon.  He must learn how to use that quickness and be more reliable catching the ball.