Drew Boylhart February 2008
Dominique Rogers Cromartie   CB   Tennessee St
Dominique reminds me a lot of Aeneas Williams, former Pro Bowl CB/S.  He has the same shut down man-on-man skills, but heís taller.  Dom is very fast and has excellent quickness.  He is smart and understands his responsibilities in zone coverage as well as man coverage.  He has the speed to cover those small quick receivers as well as the tall, strong possession receivers.  His potential for the next level is limitless.  He is a lot stronger than you think when you look at him.  He is wiry, smart, quick, long arms and long legs, excellent speed and has good hands to intercept the ball.  If you want a shut-down corner who will be able to handle Randy Moss, then you have to draft this kid. 
Right now, Dom is a solid tackler.  He gets his man down, but he is not the type to drop them hard to the ground.  In the Senior Bowl, I saw him do a heads up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackle on a receiver, but that is not the true Dom.  He does his job but will never win any awards for style.  He also has so much talent that he will be lax in coverage because he feels he can turn it on and turn it off whenever he wants to and still make the play.  This will bite him in the hindquarters at the next level. 
The closer we get to the draft, the more I think you are going to hear about this kid.  I waited to see him in the Senior Bowl and he still looked like a man playing with boys as he did when he was playing for his college team.  Dom has enormous potential and to be honest with you, I just canít say enough about this kid to do him justice.  I donít think this kid really understands how talented he is because he has never really been challenged.  He can make plays right now without much effort.  At the next level, he will be challenged on every play and the question will be whether or not he has the mental strength to come back from failure?  That is the big question for all CBís coming in to the NFL.  The problem for Dom is that I doubt he has ever failed at anything athletically up to this point of his career.  Iím sure he has never been beaten one-on-one at the college level.  You also have to wonder how well he will handle being a millionaire?  I donít have the answer to these questions and I doubt anybody else does either -- except for Dom himself.  With this kind of talent and potential to cover any style of WR, I feel that listing Dom as one of the top CBís in this draft is a no-brainer.  I think in the future we are all going to be comparing CBís coming out in drafts to this kid.  Future CBís are all going to have to take one more test in the eyes of an evaluator before they can be profiled and drafted.  It wonít be the SATís, it will be the DRCís - the Dominique Rogers Cromartie test!  This kid has the potential to become the new measuring stick for how well future CBís will do in the NFL.  I think Iíll just call him DRC - sounds good to me!