Drew Boylhart February 2008
Dre Moore   DT   Maryland
Dre is a very athletic DT.  He shows a great burst off the line of scrimmage and has good strength and lateral agility to hold the point of attack.  Dre has the talent to be a 1-gap, 2-gap DT.  That means he can stop the run and rush the passer.  He shows the quickness, balance and strength to split the double team.  Dre's talents translate very well to the next level.  The big question, then, is why Dre is not considered one of the best DTís in this draft? 
Dre has some problems, but Iím not sure what they are!  I could just brush him with a broad stroke and say he is immature and lazy but, I donít think that is the case.  I think he is not sure of his assignments and lacks the instincts to play up to his talent.  I believe when this happens, he gets frustrated and gets down on himself because he expects more from himself.  It looks at times that he is confused out there, which gives the impression that he's taking a down off when he is just frustrated.  He needs some good solid coaching and someone who understands what he is going through.  He doesnít need hard coaching; he needs a coach who will teach him and have patience.  If thatís not his problem, then I think you have to chalk it up to laziness.  What can I say?!    
Dre has as much talent as Glen Dorsey (DT LSU), but he is not as far along in his education of the game as Dorsey.  He is the type of player that after he works out, could sneak into the first round.  However, most likely, he will drop into the third round because the majority of teams will believe that Dre is lazy.  As I said, I donít think that is correct.  Dre has the pass rush moves, but I think when he guesses wrong on a play, it frustrates him because he thinks he was supposed to make the play and didnít.   When he makes a mistake, he canít let it go.  Thatís a problem for a player who played on a team that is struggling.  Emotionally, he takes too much on his shoulders.  Dre needs a good teaching coach -- not a yeller or a screamer and not a coach that blames him for all the defensive line problems.  He needs a team that will let him get his repetitions the first few years by rotating him and allowing him time to understand what his role is on a team.  As soon as this kid gets used to the NFL speed, he will start to shine and become a hell of a DT.  Dre has an LTI that is longer for a player with his talents but if you are patient and wait, good things will come.  I just have a feeling that we have a kid who is misunderstood.  If Iím wrong, then at the worst, you should have a very good rotating DT.