Drew Boylhart December 2007
Dustin Keller   TE   Purdue

Dustin shows good strength when running his routes.  He has an excellent burst off the line and great quickness in and out of his routes.  Dustin has good body control and does a solid job adjusting to the ball in the air.  He has excellent hands and really loves to catch the ball and run after the catch to get the needed yardage to move the chains on third downs.  He has good size and strength and looks like he has the ability to bulk up even more without it affecting his speed.  Dustin has some WR skills and can be used as a WR, Slot Receiver, H-Back, TE, or as a fullback in a passing situation coming out of the backfield.  Dustin reminds me a lot of Shannon Sharpe when he played for the Denver Broncos.

NEEDS TO IMPROVE Dustin is not a very good blocker, but he tries.  His blocking techniques are all screwed up.  He is off balance and tries to do too much; he stops moving his feet and lunges and clutches.  He drops his head just before he engages, which is causing most of his problems.  Right now, it looks like Dustin doesn’t like to block but what I see is a player that as soon as he learns the right techniques and becomes successful using those techniques, will be a hell of a blocker and like it just as much as he likes the passing game.  The question is, will Dustin have the work ethic that will be required of him to learn the blocking techniques?  I think he does.

Dustin will impact right away for the team that drafts him in the passing game because he is smart, quick, fast and has great hands.  How quickly Dustin learns the correct blocking techniques will be the key to how many downs he can stay on the field and become more than just a complimentary player.  More downs means more chances without the defense keying in on him on passing downs only.  Dustin has the potential to be as good as Chris Cooley (H-Back Washington Redskins), but he has WR skills that could even make him more impacting and a match up nightmare.  As I said before, Shannon Sharpe (former TE Denver Broncos) and Dustin really have the same type of talent because of the speed, quickness and natural ability to catch the ball.  Shannon was a match up problem in the slot because of his speed and quickness off the line and in and out of his breaks.  Chris Cooley is better in motion because he lacks that quick burst that a WR or slot receiver needs to have to separate.  Now I know that Chris is used in stationary positions also, but when he is used that way, he lines up off the line.  Dustin has the type of quickness that will allow him to be used on passing downs in a stationary position on the line like a WR or in motion.  This makes Dustin potentially as impacting or even more so, as Cooley is for the Redskins.  What impresses me the most about the way Dustin plays is how strong he is when running his routes.  Most receivers with a long stride can be knocked off stride, but Dustin has such good balance and strength when he runs his routes, he can be very dangerous in the middle of the field.  I suspect that was the original reason Dustin was moved from the WR position inside to the TE position.  Dustin is the type of player you draft and not worry about what position he will play in your offense because he just knows how to catch the ball.