Drew Boylhart December 2007
Early Doucet   WR   LSU


Early has excellent size, strength, speed and quickness to be an tremendous WR at the next level.  He is very smart and does a solid job running routes against one on one coverage and zone coverage.  He is a good blocker and understands situational football, which means he understands how to adjust routes and keep the chains moving.  Early shows very good strength and stamina and should be able to handle the bump and run techniques that will be used against him at the next level.  In fact, I would have to say that Early has the prototypical skills that all teams are looking for in a potential #1 WR for the team that drafts him.

Early has not started that many games because of the talent at WR the last few years on his college team.  Thereís still a big question mark about how well mentally he will be able to handle the pressure at the next level of a #1 WR.  Itís a legitimate question that Early will have to find a way to answer if he wants to be drafted in the 1st round of this draft.  Also, consistency in his overall game will need to be upgraded.  I do not believe that lack of consistency will be a serious problem once he receives more repetitions as a starter.

There is no doubt about Earlyís athletic talents to play WR at the next level.  He reminds me of Reggie Wayne (WR Indianapolis Colts).  Like Reggie when he came out, Early will have to answer the same questions about mental strength and consistency.  Remember, Reggie has been able to play with Marvin Harrison who took a lot of pressure off of him while he learned to handle that pressure.  Iím not sure if Reggie would have made it if he did not have Marvin and Peyton to see him through the tough times early in his career.  Early is stronger physically than Reggie and this could make a big difference in his LTI.  I like this kidís game, but I think you have to be really careful where he is picked in this draft.  I think if he is picked too early and taken by a team that is in need of a #1 WR right away, he will struggle and might not make it.  Draft him in the latter part of the first round by a team that made the playoffs and has good coaching and in three years he should blossom into a hell of a #1 WR.  The problem is that if you need a top flight WR and youíre a team that picks in the top ten of this draft, you have to pick this kid.  If thatís what happens, then all I can tell you is be patient.  If you are, then your reward will be an excellent #1 WR.