Drew Boylhart March 2008

Eddie Royal   WR   Virginia Tech



Eddie is the type of player who is quick and fast.  He does everything at 90 miles an hour.   He is a match-up nightmare if he is used as a slot receiver.  In the open field, he can change a ten yard loss into a 40 yard gain quicker than you can catch a cold.  Eddie has decent size and will be an impact player returning punts on special teams.  Every team needs an Eddie Royal on their team to cause match up problems in the passing game and put fear into every special teams coach in the division of the team that drafts him.



Eddie has been inconsistent catching the ball at the college level.  There could be a combination of reasons for this.  First, he did not have a very good QB throwing to him.  Second, he tried to run before he secured the ball.  Third, he has lousy hands.  Eddie is also vertically challenged and it will be difficult for him to take the pounding of a starting WR at the next level.  On top of all those things, Eddie is a lousy route runner and, at the next level, will struggle running routes unless he starts to change gears and play with a lot more intelligence.     



Eddie could impact on special teams right away, but he is a long way off from impacting in the NFL as a receiver.  The problem is that I'm not convinced that Eddie thinks he has a lot to learn.  This could be a big problem with his LTI for the next level.  That's the biggest question mark for me about Eddie.  I'm not convinced that he is very coachable.  Up to this point, Eddie has let his speed do all the talking for him, but at the next level, he is in for a big surprise if he doesn't learn how to use his speed.  If Eddie just thinks that all he has to do is catch the ball and then outrun everyone like he did in college, he's in for a big surprise.  Eddie could impact on special teams very quickly; however, as a WR, his LTI will be a lot longer.  I'm not convinced that Eddie thinks he has a lot to learn as a WR and that will be half the problem.  As soon as he gets over that hump, he might start to learn and then he could impact as a WR/ST for the team that drafts him.