Drew Boylhart February 2008

Eric Ainge   QB   Tennessee



Eric has good size a good overall athleticism for his position.  He has average arm strength and shows solid leadership abilities.  Eric has done a good job managing the game plan and does a good job adjusting when a play breaks down.  He does a good job when throwing on the run and shows good accuracy when he is flushed out of the pocket.  He has the passion to win and competes on every play.  Eric reminds me a lot of Joey Harrington QB Atlanta Falcons but I believe Eric is smarter.   



Eric really struggles with the consistency of his mechanics when throwing from the pocket.  He has also had arm injuries in the past and this might affect his draft statues.  He has average arm strength but bad mechanics and this causes all sorts of problems with his accuracy.  He rushes his throws and is bothered by pressure in his face and makes bad decisions under pressure.  In spit of all this Eric does have developmental talent as a possible starter in the NFL because of his leadership quailities? 



Eric is a systems QB that needs to be drafted by a warm weather or Dome team.  I think he would be a real good fit for a team that runs the west coast offense because he is smart and does well moving out of the pocket and throwing on the run.  He has a decent arm and a correction in his mechanics while he is in the pocket should correct his accuracy problems but that will take time.  Eric is a little bit of a sleeper in this draft.  In the right system with the right coach this kid could explode and become a hell of a QB.  He has about the same amount of athletic talent as Peyton Manning had when he came out in the draft.  The big difference is that he has not received the quality of coaching that Peyton received.  In the Colts system I suspect Eric would flourish.  So keep an eye out for Eric in about three or four years because somebody just might be talking about how he was the steal of this QB class.  He has the mental strength, stamina and work ethic to be a lot better then he is right now.