Drew Boylhart March 2008

Erin Henderson   LB   Maryland



Erin is a very good LB.  He has good size, speed and instincts to play his position.  Erin exhibits some leadership skills.  He is a smart player and looks to me like he has the size to play more than one position at the next level for the team that drafts him.  Erin has improved every year I have seen him play.  He has a lot of potential to become a core player for the team that drafts him.    



He is very good against the run, but lacks confidence defending against the pass at the college level.  He is slow to turn, run and tackle when defending against the pass. Erin has improved in spite of having some serous injuries; he rebounded very well from a bad knee injury, but knee injuries are always a concern as to how well they will hold up.   He has good north-south speed and burst, but lacks the true fluidity to cover on pass plays; however, he is smart and does compensate.  His impact position at the next level, in my opinion, is WLB and he should be a very good one.     



Erin is a natural WLB.  He is strong against the run and does a hell of a job rushing the QB.  He can impact at the next level very quickly if the team that drafts him plays him at WLB.  If some coach decides he wants to move him to one of the other LB positions because of his size, then I'm afraid it is going to take a few years for him to get used to a new position and it will lessen his ability to impact when he tries to defend in the passing game.  As a WLB, all you have to do is let him rush on passing downs and stop the run on running plays.  He is a perfect fit for that style of WLB.  Because his talent has limits, I have to give this kid a second round talent grade, but don't be fooled by that grade.  This kid, if drafted by the right team who doesn't want to try and turn him into this "all knowing" type of LB and uses him in the first year like I suggest, will be one of the better draft choices in this draft.  Either way, this kid has a bright future in the NFL.  He is a good LB with the potential to improve and become an excellent LB for the team that drafts him.  He is also the type of player that with some good workouts could sneak into the first round.  Personally, I would think the Giants would be real interested in this kid!