Drew Boylhart February 2008
Felix Jones   RB   Arkansas
Felix is a very fast RB.  In fact, he might be the fastest RB in this draft.  He is the type of player that can score from anywhere on the field at any time and on any play.  He does a good job catching the ball out of the backfield and down the field.  Felix does not need a lot of touches to impact in a game.  He has done a solid job for his team playing the role of change up back.  I feel that if he is used that same way at the next level, he will impact for the team that drafts him. 
Felix runs way too upright and does not run strong between the tackles.  He was used in a spread offense and is a change-up or systems RB.  He does not show me much vision in the hole and right now, at the college level, he just out-runs everybody.  Felix’s style of upright running lends itself to having a lot of injury concerns at the next level.  Also, he is not a strong blocker.  If he wants to be on the field in the NFL, he has to learn to block, read defenses and pick up the blitz.  Right now, he is nowhere near ready for that assignment.  
I am not as high as most people are on Felix.  In my mind, Felix can impact on special teams and as a change-up back, but he will not impact as a starting “carry the full load of the offense” RB in the NFL.  If you want to use him the way Reggie Bush is used, then that makes sense to me; however, Reggie was bigger and much further along in football intelligence than Felix is right now.  As a starting RB, I just think Felix will struggle.  He is very fast, but he is going to have to learn how to use that speed at the next level to be effective.  Today, he does not set up blocks, cut laterally or take the ball strong into the hole.  He bounces everything to the outside rather than going through the hole strong and then bounce it to the outside.  Felix has not had very many touches at the college level and although he has impacted at that level, he has had the benefit of doing it with fresh legs against opponents that are tired.  I do see a team in the later part of the first round drafting Felix to be used as a change-up back, but not as a starting back.  For example, I can see a team like Miami in the second round being a perfect fit to be pared up with Ronnie Brown or the Ravens drafting him.  You see my point.  Felix will impact and I do feel that he will be an exciting player, but I believe that if he is taken in the first round by a team that expects him to be their main RB to build their offense around, they will be disappointed.  We all love to watch Felix run and when he does, it is very exciting, but the truth is this kid has not grown or improved his on the field intelligence and running style from one year to the next.  If that hasn’t occurred at the college level, then I don’t see him learning, changing or improving at the next level. What you see is what you get with Felix and although he is fast, I don’t believe that having speed automatically makes you a starting RB in the NFL.  I like this kid, but I would not draft him thinking that he is going to be able to handle a starting RB position for an NFL team.  If he does then great, but for the purpose of this draft, I just think that is asking too much of him.