Drew Boylhart December 2007
Frank Okam   DT   Texas

Frank is a massive defensive tackle with extraordinary athletic talent to play his position at the next level.  He is an offensive linemanís recurring nightmare.  He can play in any style of defense, on the nose, in a 1-gap attack style of line play or in a 2-gap defense.  He does a good job using his hands, has excellent in the box quickness and is without a doubt the most talented DT in this draft.  Frank shows the ability to handle the double team to allow his teammates to make plays and is a great tackler.  He is a smart player and understands what is happening to him and can adjust as the game goes on.  So the question is, why have you not heard of Frank (The Nightmare) Okam?  This is why you become a member of THR.  Iím the only one that will tell you the real reasons why!

Frank needs to get in better shape.  His mental toughness, physical stamina, lack of quick or agile footwork and lunging are just some negatives that he possesses.  Add to all of that his unique ability to take downs off and you have just some of the reasons that Frank needs to re-think what his priorities are in life.  Of course, all of these issues might not be a big deal at the NFL level because most teams rotate D-lineman.  Iím not sure how easy it is to coach Frank, but I do know that he is a smart player.  Maybe he is too smart!

Frank reminds me of Ted Washington (DT Cleveland Browns).  Ted was the one of the best DTís that I have ever seen and Frank has that same kind of potential.  Frank needs better coaching and a team that will appreciate him.  He strikes me as the type of kid that need a pat on his back when he comes off the field to show him your appreciation for him playing his responsibilities.  He wants to get positive feedback from teammates and coaches.  Whatever comes after that is gravy.  Believe me when I say that Glen Dorsey wishes that he had Frankís athletic talent.  But Frank wishes he had Glenís need to impress everyone with his talent.  I feel that when Frank works out he will show everyone what kind of athletic talent he has, which will move him into the latter part of the first round or to an early second round pick.  In my opinion, that is the perfect spot to pick this kid because it is my guess that Frank knows he can be the best and he just might have a chip on his shoulder if he is picked later in the draft than he thinks he should go.  Wade Phillips was the only coach that got through to Ted Washington when he was a young player.  Dallas has two 1st round picks in this draft and if they hold onto them, it would not surprise me to see Frank drafted by the Cowboys with one of those picks.  Good or bad workouts will be the key to the round in which Frank will be drafted.  If Frank does not do well at the combine or in his private workouts, he might not be drafted until the third or fourth round.  Maybe that will wake him up!  Personally, I would take a chance on Frank in the latter part of the 1st round and even be tempted to trade up in the 2nd round to draft him.  I call him Frank (The Nightmare) Okam:  remember it!