Drew Boylhart December 2007
Fred Davis   TE   USC

Fred is an extremely athletic and gifted TE / H-back.  He has excellent hands and shows the ability to adjust to the ball in a small space better than most WRs, RBs, and other TEs.  He looks to be a smart football player and a very good teammate; he will do all the little things that most TEís do not like to do to make a play successful.  Fred does not need to be the focal point of an offense for his ego, but with his talent, I would not be surprised if a coach wanted him to be.  Fred will be an excellent weapon in the red zone and a match-up nightmare for teams to defend against.  I feel that Fred has a chance to be an excellent TE/HB at the next level for the team that drafts him.

Fred lacks the size and strength in the lower part of his body to be a powerful blocker.  He also lacks quickness off the line and out of his stance.  His body type does not look like it can handle much more weight.  He shows good speed, but not the type of speed that would make it difficult for a LB or safety to handle.  Oh, but those soft hands and good intelligence just might make up for his weaknesses. 

Fred is the type of player that will become a better and more consistent player in the NFL than he was at the college level.  He is a bit of a tweener, but I think if you use him as an H-back and put him in motion and teach him that he does not have to dominate in the blocking game to be an effective blocker, this kid could become a hell of a weapon.  He does such an excellent job catching the ball that you just have to think that once he concentrates on football and football alone, he will improve very quickly.  The talent is there, but the consistency has been lacking.  Also I believe that being used as a traditional TE is not the best use of this kidís overall talents.  He shows good speed, but does lack the quickness when blocking and getting off the line.  All of these issues could improve with better techniques and I believe it will.  If you draft Fred thinking that he is going to be a traditional TE, you are making a big mistake.  Donít get me wrong; he will bust his ass to be a traditional TE, but he will only be average at best.  If you use him more as a H-back, he will be an impact player.  By the time we get to the draft I suspect that Fred will be listed as one of those players that could sneak into the 1st round and I have no problems with that.  He is another player that if he runs good at the combine, a lot more teams are going to think about Fred as more of a Dallas Clark, Chris Cooley type of H-back.  He has that type of talent.