Drew Boylhart April 2008

Gary Guyton   LB   Georgia Tech   



Gary is another player who has excellent overall athletic talent and size to play more than one of the LB positions.  He shows good burst and quickness and does a solid job tackling.  He is a smart LB and every time his coaches asked him to move and change positions, he did it and got better with each repetition he got at that position.  I have watched Gary for two years and I am impressed with his versatility. Gary is a team player and possesses a quiet leadership style, which has garnered him the respect of his teammates.  Gary is a sleeper LB in this draft and the team that drafts him will be very happy to have drafted him.    



Right now, Gary's biggest problem is that he is thinking way too much.  It's making him look slower than he is.  Draft him, stick him at one position, wait a year or two and Gary will do the job.    



I don't think that Gary will be taken in the first three rounds of this draft, but I do feel that if he had stayed at one LB position and Philip Wheeler was not on the same team overshadowing him, Gary would have been considered as a player in the top rounds.  He has the talent, but his instincts and reactions have not be developed because he has been asked to move positions.  My point is that he has improved every time he has changed positions.  That means to me that this kid with his athletic talent just needs some time and he should turn into a very good LB for the team that drafts him.   He can play the WLB or the SLB, but I think that his impact position will be on the strong side -- he has that type of talent.