Drew Boylhart April 2008

Geno Hayes   LB   Florida St   



Geno is a very athletic LB and, in the right defensive system, could be an impact LB for the team that drafts him.  He is a heat-seeking missile type of LB who, if left alone to roam, can be very destructive in defending against both the run and the pass.  Geno is a good tackler and shows solid change of direction skills.  He is a very good north-south LB, which limits him to playing at the next level as a WLB.  He is a strong tackler in open space and does a good job rushing the passer.



It doesn't look like Geno can add much more bulk to his frame, which makes injuries a concern for the next level.  Geno also has some off- field concerns that need to be checked out.  You look them up and decide for yourselves.  I can tell you this much:  his immature actions and decisions made off the field do not match the mature statements and apologies that he made to the press and coaches about those incidents.  To sum it all up, how Geno acts in private and how Geno acts in public are in direct conflict with each other!     



Geno is a systems LB who is small and undersized and has some character issues that are questionable, but not criminal. For me personally, I didn't see in public an acceptance of any responsibility for his actions.  I do not see contrition.  I saw a kid who got away with something and is not sorry at all that he got away with it.  It would be very hard for me to invest money in a person who does something wrong and does not accept responsibility.  Add the character issue to his size, Geno's limitation to a particular system, the injury factor and you have a  player that I would have a hard time drafting until later in this draft.  However, he does have talent and he did make a lot of plays for his college team; therefore, if he stays healthy and is in a 4-3, two-gap system, he can be a very disruptive force.  Some teams are going to rate this kid pretty high.  I think there are other players in this draft to invest in.   I'm getting good at this wishy-washy profiling, aren't I?  To put it plainly, I don't draft guys like this.  He reminds me of Ray Lewis (LB Ravens) and I have a hard time with Ray and his antics on and off the field.  But there are plenty of teams who will draft him.