Drew Boylhart December 2007
Glenn Dorsey   DT   LSU


Glenn is a big, powerful DT with excellent quickness.  He has those nice long arms that give him an advantage over his opponents as well as good lower body strength for an excellent burst off the line of scrimmage.  He shows strong leadership skills and has the athleticism to play in a 1-gap or 2-gap defensive line system.  Glenn has the athletic talent to play as a DE in a 3-4 system also. He does a solid job taking up more than one offensive lineman.  Glenn has the strength and quickness to split a double team.  He shows strong pass rushing skills and knows how to push the pocket to cause all sorts of havoc for the O-lineman he goes up against. 

Right now, Glenn is a bigger, better and quicker athlete than most of his opponents.
  This will not be the issue at the next level.  His tackling techniques are very sloppy and college level RBís are running by him because of his tendency to lunge and not wrap-up in tackling.  He does not have very many pass rushing moves and the ones he does possess, he does not use with any consistency.  Glenn is in for a big shock at the next level because right now, he does not need to have a good work ethic to be considered an excellent DT at the college level.

Glenn has first round talent, but he is a ďboom or bustĒ player.  Iím just not sure he will have the impact in the NFL that he has had with his college team.  His techniques are very sloppy and he is on the ground a lot.  The truth is he has good feet and there is no reason for him to lunge and miss tackles, falling on the ground all the time.  QB pressures are good; but, if you donít keep your feet, you donít make tackles.  I have seen Glenn miss more tackles than I have seen him make.  I actually like Glenn as a potential DE in a 3-4 defense more than I do as a DT in a 4-3.  In a 1-gap attack defense like the Bears use, I would think that Glenn would impact right away until Offensive coordinators realize how bad his techniques are.  If he shoots a gap, you can run draws by him really easy because he just does not wrap up very well.  In the second round, I would consider drafting Glenn, but for me personally, rating him as a first rounder is a mistake.  Iím not going to pay 1st round money for a DT that Iím going to have to rotate and also has very sloppy tackling techniques.  Glenn is no Tommy Harris and Tommy was the 14th pick of the 2004 draft.  I can see Glenn being picked by a playoff team in the first round, but anything higher than the 15th pick of this draft is hard for me to justify LTI-wise.  Glenn has a lot to learn and Iím not convinced from his play on the field that he understands that.  I think Glenn feels that he is a finished product because of all the smoke that has been blown up his hind end.  Remember, it takes more than talent to play at the next level.  It takes maturity, work ethic and the personal need to want to improve.  Glenn has not improved his techniques at the college level from year to year.  What makes you think he will do it at the next level?