Drew Boylhart November 2007

Gosder Cherilus   OT   Boston College


Gosder has excellent size and good athleticism to play his position.  He shows solid lateral agility and does a great job using his hands when pass blocking.  Gosder has the ability to go out and block a linebacker and could be used as a pulling O-lineman because he shows strong straight-line speed.  Gosder looks like he is a very good teammate.  He looks like he is very coachable and should be a solid RT for the team that drafts him. 



Gosder has a big weakness:  when he gets beat, it bothers him so much that things begin to snowball.  He worries so much that it paralyzes his athleticism.  What I mean is that once things start going bad for him physically, he has a hard time handling it mentally.  This causes a breakdown in his techniques and the cycle of penalties and bad play begins. 



Gosder will make a good RT in the NFL.  He is not a LT because Gosder cares too much when he misses a block or assignment.  He cares too much when he gets beat and his player sacks his QB.  He is a good person and mentally, this affects his playing ability.  In the NFL when you make a mistake, you have to be able to forget that mistake and move on.  You have to be able to correct that mistake during the course of a game so that you don’t make it again.  The great players do this.  The good players do this, but it might take attention to those mistakes in practice to correct it for the next game.  Gosder, until he matures mentally, will need help during a game so that he doesn’t panic from his mistakes and allow them to snowball.  He will need this help from a coach who understands this and from a good TE who will help him during the game to get his confidence back on track.  Gosder is not quick enough and does not fire out off the line in the running game to use him as a guard.  That means the only position he can play is RT.  Later in his career, coaches will be tempted to move him to LT because of his athleticism, but Gosder is not the type of person that will all of a sudden stop thinking the way he thinks just because he has been in the league for a few years.  If Gosder is drafted too high in this draft with the understanding that he is going to play LT at the next level, he will fail.  If a team drafts him high with the knowledge that he will be a solid RT, then Gosder will be fine.  Gosder’ success at the next level will be directly tied to a Head Coach and GM understanding this.