Drew Boylhart February 2008
Jack Ikegwuonu   CB   Wisconsin
Jack has excellent size, speed, strength and athleticism to be an excellent CB at the next level.  He has the size to really challenge those big possession WRs along with the quickness to cover the smaller WRs.  He is a solid tackler and has the courage to meet and greet a sweep to his side and turn it in or make the tackle.  He is a smart CB and does not get fooled or repeat his mistakes over and over in a game.  Jack is one of the few CBs that I have seen that looks like he could cover the likes of a Randy Moss.  He has good strength and uses solid bump and run techniques.  Jack has the potential to be a hell of a CB at the next level. 
Unfortunately, there are some character issues in his background.  It looks to me like he did something stupid.  Im not convinced it is that big a deal; however, on the other hand, where there is smoke there could be more fire.  Jack is not a finished product.  He needs more work, but he is prepared for the next level and there is no more that he can learn at the college level football-wise.  Growing up to be a better person is another issue?  I guess Im being easy on Jack because as far as I know he got caught, suspended and left this situation behind him.  The NFL teams are going to have to judge for themselves if it is a big issue or not. 
Jack reminds me of Quentin Jammer (CB San Diego Chargers).  He has the same type of talent and I dont think it will take as long for Jacks talent to show itself on the field.  Jack is quicker and just as fast as Jammer.  He has excellent talent and if he is invited to the combine and works out, teams are going to be talking about him big time.  Teams need Jacks size, strength and speed at the CB position.  The WRs that are being drafted now are over 62 in most cases.  Most of the playoff teams have a 65 WR and matching up against that height is becoming a problem.  The red zone match up alone is difficult -- not to mention slant patterns on third down to move the chains and keep a drive going.  Jacks speed and quickness makes him unusual for a CB his size.  Most CBs that are six foot plus have good speed, but most lack the quickness in the hips to cover a WR in the open field one-on-one.  Jack has that type of quickness.  So once he starts to work out, I suspect you will see Jack shooting up everyones list.  After you draft Jack, you will go through the usual growing pains that all talented college CBs go through at the NFL level.  But once he goes through the schedule and learns what he needs to learn, the benefits for your defense and its pass rush will be noticed very quickly.  Jacks character issues are a concern.  These issues may keep Jack from being drafted as high as his talent suggests.  But that is the chance everybody takes in a draft with kids who have character issues.  In this case, with what I know right now about Jack, I think he is a good gamble. Of course, that could all change because it is a long time until the draft and a lot more time for these kids to get into trouble before the draft than they have had in the past.  We shall see.