Drew Boylhart December 2007
Jake Long   OT   Michigan


Jake has excellent size and strength to be an offensive lineman at the next level.  He is a great run blocker and has very good leadership skills.  Jake does a solid job in the passing game and is the type of LT that does just about anything he can to stop someone from getting to his QB.  He has excellent balance and does a very good job finishing his blocks.  He has the athleticism to be used in a pulling offensive line system and does an excellent job keeping his feet for combo blocks.  He is quick enough to fire out and get the LB; he is the type of offensive lineman that could play more than one position and play them all very well.  In a nutshell, Jake is a hell of a football player.  Itís just that simple! 

NEEDS TO IMPROVEJake is a little tight in the hips and might not have the lateral agility to play LT for some teams that like to leave their LT on an island.  My personal feeling about that is that there is no reason not to rate Jake very high in this draft.  All you have to do isÖ  COACH BETTER!!! 

Donít hesitate to draft Jake really early in this draft if you need an offensive lineman -- and all teams need good offensive lineman.  Teams that use a lot of two TE situations should jump at drafting Jake.  Other teams should jump at Jake and plan on playing him as their starting left guard because he will go to the Pro Bowl his first year if he plays that position.  If you are a team that thinks Jake is going to be the type of LT that you can leave out there all alone on all passing downs, think again.  Jake will eventually be an excellent LT, but for the next level, he will have to refine his passing techniques to stay with those elite pass rushers on third and long downs.  I have no doubt that Jake will learn these techniques, but it will take a year or two for him to have the total confidence in these new techniques.  As soon as he gains that confidence, I believe he will go to the pro bowl with them.  Jake is the type of kid that all teams need to be successful.  He raises the play of the players around him because of his intensity; the fact is that he is a bit of a perfectionist.  I call him Jake (The Fireman) Long because like all the firemen in this country, you can call on him anytime, he is always willing to do the dirty work and he will never let you down.