Drew Boylhart February 2008
Jamaal Charles   RB   Texas
Jamaal might be the fastest RB in this draft.  He is good in the open field and looks like he can catch the ball down the field.  Jamaal is a match up nightmare and when it comes to running at great speeds, he is one of the best.  Jamaal will scare everybody on the defense with his speed, but speed is not what makes you a great RB in the NFL.  You have to have a lot more than that!
Jamaal is a track guy trying to play football.  He fumbles too much and Iím not sure if he has the hands to catch the ball down the field like a WR.  He does a good job at the college level running between the tackles, but he is easily knocked off his feet and does not like to get hit.   Jamaal lacks the mental toughness, work ethic and football intelligence to be any more than a situational player at the next level; however, he could develop given the time. 
Jamaal looks like a good kid and with his speed, he has the ability to score from any place on the field at anytime.  Personally, I have a lot of respect for a kid who has this kind of speed, but Iím not that impressed unless the mental toughness that is need to be successful at the next level comes in the same package.  To me, a kid like Jamaal is an injury and fumble liability and someone you cannot count on from game to game for a 16 game schedule.  You canít build an offense around this kid because at any time he could get injured or turn the ball over.  You have to weight how many TDís he is going to score against how many times he will fumble or not be able to play.  Itís a personal choice and if you are a team that is in need of adding speed to your offense, then you donít have much choice.  Most teams will rate Jamaal higher than I do because of his speed and he does have some very good RB skills.  I like the kid and I think he looks like he will be a good teammate, but for me, that is not enough to overlook the lack of mental toughness, fumbles and injury concerns.  If I work him out and I think I can move him to the slot or WR position, then I would take him in the second round, but as of this writing, I am not sure that his hands are that good down the field.  If Jamaal is on the field at the WR position, it will make a safety play off the line in double coverage and wide and that opens up the running game.  I feel the real position for Jamaal to impact at the next level will be at the WR position and not as a RB.  But thatís just me and Iím sure there are many other people who have opinions about Jamaal that are very different from mine.  If the team that drafts him moves him to the WR position, then his LTI becomes longer.  The good thing about Jamaal is that he can scare the crap out of his opponents in the return game as he learns the ropes.