Drew Boylhart April-2008

Jeremy Thompson   DE   Wake Forest   



Jeremy has excellent athletic talent and good size to be a strong side DE in a 4-3 defense.  He does a solid job defending against the run and, at times, shows as good a burst to the ball as any other DE in this draft.  He is one of the best DE's in this draft at handling a sweep around his end.   Jeremy is a very intelligent player, exhibits leadership qualities as a teammate and strives to make the players around him better.      



Jeremy has to start to play the game with more aggression.  He has athletic talent equal to Chris Long, but does not play as well as Chris does because Chris is a lot more aggressive and has learned better techniques.  



There is a complete DE lurking under the surface of this kid's play.  You can just feel it when you watch him on film.  I'm not sure if Jeremy's job was to rush the passer or to control the line of scrimmage, but I can tell you this -- he has the talent to be a complete DE.  Jeremy might wind up being one of the surprises of this draft.  If I could confirm what his main assignment was for his team, then I could tell you for sure if he will be a better pass rusher in the future or not.  My gut tells me he will.  I'm giving Jeremy a 2nd round talent grade, but he probably has first round athletic talent.  The problem is that, right now, the instincts and reactions are just not there on the film I have of him.  I think the problem is that Jeremy did exactly what he was told to do.  If he was told to stay on the line and control it, he did it.  If the QB rolled to his side instead of going for the sack, he continued to control the line of scrimmage.  In other words, he did his job; however, an impact player does more than his job.  That's the problem that I see with Jeremy and why I can't rate him any higher than I have.  If a coach can get this kid to start taking calculated risks, we should see Jeremy improve very quickly.  Right now Jeremy reminds me of Aaron Schobel (DE Buffalo Bills).  Aaron is an efficient DE for his team.  He gets his sacks and at times during games he can make some big plays, but he needs good players around him to succeed.  Aaron is not a dominating player, but he is a very good player, which is the type of player that I see Jeremy becoming for the team that drafts him.  At least that's what my gut tells me!