Drew Boylhart April 2008

Jeremy Zuttah   OT/OG/OC   Rutgers   



Jeremy is one of the most athletic offensive linemen in this draft.  He uses excellent techniques and leverage and shows superb leadership skills, mental stamina and intelligence to impact at the next level.  Jeremy has the ability to fit any blocking scheme and can pull and go to the second level without any problems.  He understands blocking angles, so he does not commit many penalties by lunging or reaching.  He shows excellent foot agility and has good upper body strength.  Jeremy is a solid teammate and is very smart.  I feel that his true impact position will be at a position I do not believe that he has ever played.  I feel that there is a Pro Bowl center just dying to get out of this kid's body.  This will make his LTI a bit longer if the team that drafts him feels the same as I do, but make no mistake about it -- this kid is going to be a good offensive lineman.    



Jeremy needs to get bigger and stronger.  If the team that drafts him moves him to the center position, it will take him some time to adjust.  I have no doubt that he will be able to accomplish that.  Jeremy has had some injuries of late, but as long as those injuries are not chronic, then in my opinion, he should rate right up there with some of the better offensive linemen in this draft.      



This is just one fine offensive lineman that could play any one of the offensive line positions and play them all well.  He is a quality kid and has the respect of his teammates through his work ethic and talent on the field.  Jeremy is a natural born leader.  I am sure that most people will not think of Jeremy as first round talent, but for me that is not an issue.  I do not need to understand where in this draft Jeremy will be drafted.  All I have to do is rate his talent to play at the next level.  I don't worry about his level of competition because as far as I'm concerned, Rutgers plays a solid enough schedule to be able to evaluate their players for the next level.  All of that being said, I'm sure that Jeremy will not be drafted in the first round because others will nit pick this kid to death.  There is a fear of drafting overly athletic, smart players who come from smaller programs too high in a draft.  That's just the way it is.   As for me, I am sure of his talent grade and I am sure that no matter what round he is drafted in, your team just drafted one hell of an offensive lineman who could turn into a the leader of your offensive line for years to come.