Drew Boylhart December 2007
Joe Flacco   QB   Delaware

Joe is a big, tall QB with a very strong arm.
  He can make all the throws and does a decent job at the college level of moving in the pocket. Joe is a pure drop back QB –the kind the pro’s love to work with and develop.  He looks, acts and is a clone of Vinnie Testerverde (QB for the “fill in a team here”).  He runs the offense the very same way and has the same arm strength.  If someone told me that Joe was Vinnie’s son, I would believe it without question.  Football-wise, the kid is a clone of Vinnie.

Joe has some significant flaws in his play on the field that will be magnified at the next level.  He cannot take pressure in the pocket.  Pressure affects his delivery and causes him to make bad decisions.  Pressure causes Joe to lose accuracy and when Joe moves out of the pocket, he loses the ability to throw touch passes.  Joe also lacks the real leadership quailities that will be needed for the next level.  He is not ready for the big time and may never be the QB his arm strength suggests that he can be.

Joe is a teaser.  He is just like that beautiful girl across the room that keeps looking at you, but once you go up to her you find out it wasn’t you she was flirting with – it was the guy behind you!  Joe is a pure drop back QB with a powerful arm.  He is tall and has good size, but the problem is that Joe cannot perform and lead when the play all around him breaks down.  He looks the part and that in itself is deceiving.  He will be an excellent back-up QB, but if he plays any more than four games in a row, his negatives will rear their ugly heads and your team will start to lose.  Joe, because of his size and arm strength, is a coach killer.  It’s just that simple.  He does not have the mental strength to be a starting NFL QB, but will be an excellent fantasy QB.  He will get you all the stats you want, but he will not be able to win the big game because he is an emotional flight risk once he is pressured in the pocket.  You can develop a player’s natural athletic talent, if it exists.  You can develop a player’s natural instincts, if they exist.  But you cannot develop a player who does not have these abilities in the first place.  Joe does not have the instincts or the leadership qualities to be a 16 game “do whatever it takes” type of QB for the next level.  The good thing about it is that Joe will not be a 1st round pick and forced to do what he is not capable of doing because he has a great arm.  If Joe is taken in the later rounds, he can improve his game at his own pace and become a hell of a back up QB for the team that drafts him.