Drew Boylhart December 2007
John David Booty   QB   USC

John has good overall size and athleticism to play QB at the next level. He has great arm strength and shows excellent accuracy.  John moves well in the pocket and understands situational football.  He understands what a coach is trying to accomplish with a game plan and shows great leadership and management skills.  John can run any type of offense, but his strength at the next level will be in a west coast offense because of his accuracy and the ability to make quick decisions. 

John could use a little more bulk on his frame to handle the pounding at the next level a QB takes over the course of a sixteen game schedule.  As with all QBs, more consistency in his set up and mechanics would make his arm strength better.

John David Booty is the type of QB that people like to downgrade because he is not flashy.  If you do, you are making a big mistake.  Do not mistake his ability to be efficient for a lack of talent.  This year, John had to play with freshman WRs, no RB and an offensive line that blocks as well as a shoe salesman trying to hold back a crowd of women ready to enter the store at the start of a shoe sale.  The only reason you dont see John on his ass all the time is because he gets rid of the ball quickly and knows where he is going with the ball before the play starts because he reads defenses.  Thats how far along he is in his football maturity.  Matt Ryan (QB Boston College) and John are the two top QBs in this draft, in my opinion.  They are both top ten picks in my book.  Right now, everyone is downgrading John because USC lost some games and John was injured and tried to play with a broken finger.  He did all of this without a running game to rely on or a very good offensive line.  Without John, USC would have been hard pressed to even make a bowl game.  John is going to be a hell of a QB at the next level.  He reminds me a lot of Peyton Manning and I believe John has the potential to be just as good a QB as Peyton is for the team that drafts him.